London CSS London Sass February:

London Sass is back! This year Sass will still be our main focus but we will also try to cover other tools, techniques and everything else related to the CSS ecosystem. We’ll have some drinks and pizzas ready to get the conversation going. We also have two exciting speakers ready to share their experiences of working with pattern libraries and atomic CSS.

Tammie Lister on Twitter Tammie Lister Thinking in patterns

Humans think in patterns. Language is broken down into patterns. Design is a language. When we start thinking in patterns, we start being able to make sense of our design process. Patterns make sense to us. I’ll show how patterns make sense to us. How patterns create logical, optimised, sensible workflows.

Richard Bray on Twitter Richard Bray The benefits of Atomic CSS

As CSS gets more complicated with pre and post processors, making minor tweaks to a stylesheet is becoming more of a daunting task. This talk will focus on using atomic classes to make simple edits to the styles and better structuring your CSS with the help of reusable classes.