London CSS London CSS August:

Join us for an evening full of CSS best practices, new technologies and discussions with other frontend developers passionate about CSS. Beers and pizzas will be provided by our amazing host, Badoo.

Konstantin Dzuin on Twitter Konstantin Dzuin The Magic of the Infinite Scroller

At Badoo we face many technical challenges on a daily basis. One of the challenges I’m going to talk about is our solution to how we showed a large number of users on a single page. Currently there are a lot of solutions to this on the market but none of them suited our needs. We wanted a balance between maintainability and the-best-technical-idea-ever! Our solution was our version of the infinite scroll - let the browser do all the magic, while we relax with a coffee. During this talk I will be focusing on the idea, some of the technical details and the highlights of our implementation.

Oliver Turner on Twitter Oliver Turner CSS Modules in the Real World

In this talk, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of using CSS Modules in production. That will include a very brief refresher on the what and why of CSS Modules, explanation of how to implement them server-side (sans Webpack!) and implications of using them in a team environment.