If you’re reading this, then thank you very much for your interest! Here are the things we’ll need from you to ensure a successful evening…


Food and drink

We ask hosts to provide:…



We will provide you with a full list of attendees in advance; please let us know if you will require attendees to show ID and what documents are acceptable.

Please note that we expect everyone involved and/or participating in London CSS to abide by our Code of Conduct.


We ask that the room be set up by 6:15pm on the night of the meet-up. Our organisers will arrive 5:30 - 6:00pm to help get things set up and assist with any additional logistics.

The talks start at 7pm, break for half an hour at 8pm and end at 9:30pm.

We highly recommend holding half the refreshments in reserve for the long break (which is to allow networking and discussion without pressure to go to the pub afterwards).