About Us

Our goals

London CSS is an event for anyone with an interest in CSS. We aim to support the community in London from professional developers to curious and/or creative minds. Our goal is to provide an evening of interesting talks while having some food and meeting other CSS enthusiasts.

We want this to be a safe and friendly environment: all organisers, sponsors and attendees are required to follow our code of conduct.


We welcome and encourage everyone to submit a talk, whether you are an experienced or first time speaker. We want to hear about what thrills you! For more information please contact us through hello@londoncss.dev or by tweeting to @LondonCSS.


In late 2018 curation of London CSS was taken up by Ana Rodrigues, Kevin Lewis and Oliver Turner.

As the current organisers we’d like to recognise the contributions of those who went before us: this meet-up has a long history! Many thanks and much respect to Stuart Robson, Igor Czerwinski and Razvan Spatariu: you all rock ♡


London CSS is made possible thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. We are grateful to Samsung Internet and to the Financial Times for their support: with their help we’re able to put these events together and recognise the contributions of our amazing speakers