London CSS Event 1: Relaunch!

Please join us at Condé Nast with talks from these amazing speakers…

Cassie Evans on Twitter Cassie Evans Limitation breeds creativity

Constraints might not feel like what you want when you’re trying to kickstart creativity or start a new project. But working within constraints can help you get started and provide unconventional ways around a problem.

Come and see Cassie demo some of her favourite unconventional solutions.

About Cassie Evans

Cassie is passionate about web animation, SVG and testing the limits of CSS.

She is a core organiser of codebar Brighton, a non-profit initiative that runs free programming workshops to tackle the diversity gap and currently works as a Front-end Developer at Clearleft.

Jean-Yves Perrier on Twitter Jean-Yves Perrier Moar CSS Features?

In 2019 older CSS features like fonts and floats still have their place even though flexbox and grid have arrived.

Jean-Yves takes us through a contemporary review of traditional approaches.

About Jean-Yves Perrier

Jean-Yves is a member of the Developer Relations team at Mozilla where he manages programs like the Mozilla Tech Speakers. He is a former editor of MDN (CSS, HTML & APIs) and was its content manager until 2016.

Oliver Turner on Twitter Oliver Turner When Houdini met Goldblum

What is Houdini? Why can’t we declaratively animate linear gradients? …and what does either of these things have to do with Jeff Goldblum?

Get started experimenting with the capabilities of next-generation CSS and see how they can help us bring new user experiences to life on the web.

About Oliver Turner

Oliver is co-organiser of London CSS and builds things at the Financial Times