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Michelle Barker on Twitter Michelle Barker: When Grids Go Wrong: Debugging CSS Grid

CSS Grid is an incredibly powerful tool for building web layouts, and there has never been a better time to start using it in production. But with so many different ways to create a grid and place items, it’s not always easy to debug when layouts don’t behave as we expect them to.

In this talk we’ll examine some common problems, and put the CSS Grid specification under the microscope to understand some of Grid’s surprising behaviours. We’ll take a look at how Grid works in harmony with (and not against!) other layout methods to build the robust, flexible web of the future.

About Michelle Barker

Michelle is a front end developer with a passion for CSS, and a Mozilla Tech Speaker. Her passion for CSS in all its forms leads her to spending most of her spare time experimenting with CSS Grid, and writing articles on front end development on her blog, CSS {In Real Life}. She has a background in design and illustration, and is currently a front end developer at Ordoo, a mobile ordering startup, where she helps build UX-driven mobile experiences.

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