London CSS Event 5: Holidays on Ice

Join us to close out the year with a truly global perspective on the ways that CSS is evolving

Stephanie Stimac on Twitter Stephanie Stimac Standardizing Select: What the future holds for HTML Controls

Native HTML Form Controls can be some of the most painful elements to style and customize. 25 years after the first HTML Standard introduced them and developers have resorted to building custom controls from scratch to achieve what they need to. I’ll discuss the history behind native form controls, where we’re at presently with using CSS to style them and take a look at the proposed solutions by standards groups and browser vendors to standardize controls and solve the pain points developers have been complaining about for years.

About Stephanie Stimac

Stephanie is a Design Technologist and Program Manager for Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences. Her design and program management work has been focused on improving the tools developers use to build for the web, including the browser developer tools and the open source project, which she was the lead designer for. She is passionate about web standards and the open web. She co-leads The Web We Want initiative to help drive the web platform forward.

Sid on Twitter Sid Designing in the browser... wait, not like that!

CSS is a visual styling language which we author with text/code. While code is the most flexible way, sometimes, it feels like we’re on the wrong abstraction level.

It wasn’t always like that though. And I hope it doesn’t stay that way forever. Let’s talk about the past, the present and the great renaissance that is upon us.

About Sid

Sid is a frontend developer passionate about developer tooling. He currently splits his time between building UI at codesandbox and exploring better frontend tooling with ui-devtools.

He liked to play football in the “before times” and has a new found appreciation for long walks in nature.

Mike Riethmuller on Twitter Mike Riethmuller The history of container queries

The idea of container queries has been floating around for at least a decade. Let’s take a look at the evolution of this idea, the challenges, why it hasn’t been implemented, its future, and algorithmic layouts we can achieve with CSS today.

About Mike Riethmuller

Mike is a CSS aficionado and co-creator of the unofficial official CSS Gif. He enjoys making rad web stuff with rad people and been contracting, consulting or freelancing for the last 10 years or so, but still has no idea which one it is.

Mike lives in Sydney Australia and has been stranded on this island for more than a year. He’s not sure how the rest of the world is doing but personally he’s well past the making friends with a volleyball stage of Covid isolation. And misses London terribly.