London CSS Event 6: Creative CSS

Specialists in the magical side of CSS give their insights on how they turn whimsy into code!

Join us once more… in hyperspace!

Amit Sheen on Twitter Amit Sheen Getting Creative with Keyframes

Working with keyframes can be difficult even if you only have one animation but the real problems begin when you have 3 objects with 5 animations, each of which has different keyframes, duration, timing-function… and yet they all need to be exactly synchronized. So how do we do that?!

In this session Amit breaks down the thought process he uses to create animations, bringing tips and ideas from his personal experience.

Warning: may include live coding!

About Amit Sheen

Amit is an experienced web developer, doing mainly front-end. Over the years he’s taken part in developing dozens of advanced web/mobile applications from the ground up. Amit has a pathological curiosity about new technologies, a constant desire to learn new things, and he’s always ready for a new challenge.

Amit has been a guest speaker on a large number of meetups, talking about CSS and JavaScript, or doing some live-coding. He’s also published a few articles, and his work is frequently featured on some of the most respectable websites and newsletters.